Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stuck on You

Stickers Stickers Stickers!!

Stickers are a classic accessory, and sometimes looked at as a simplistic outdated accessory.

I have dressed up a few layouts using mainly stickers. For Close To My Heart they are called Stickease. Linked are the set I used on the layouts below.

These stickease are thick and come with layout examples on the back to give you ideas on how to use them.

Now one thing you should keep handy in your scrap room is baby powder. With our stickease if you rub baby powder on the back you make them no longer sticky. Now you may be asking why on earth would you want a sticker to not stick! Easy... if you put some 3d foam on the back you can make those stickers pop! Which will then give dimension to your layouts.
Another great aspect of stickease is price, for 4.95 you get 2 sheets of "stickers" and 2 two-page layout examples to work from. Typically you will also have a few stickers you don't use so you can save them for a card or another layout later on.

Below is 2  layouts I did with the FanFare lvl 2 stickease. The layouts were the same layouts shown on the back of the stickease, with only slight alterations to work with my picture sizes.

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