Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pre-packaged layouts

I first got introduced to these by Micheal's, I am sure you have seen them. They are scrapbooking kits, with paper, and some sort of accessories with instructions to make easy quick layouts. If you look at them you will see that everything in the kit goes together making a nice theme.
Well then before becoming a Close To My Heart consultant my up-line introduced me to the same type of kit, only with all close to my heart products.
So the purpose behind this entry is to introduce you to these wonderful kits!

While you may just go to Micheal's or jo ann's to get one, I am also going to show you how to make your own.
Before I get started I would like to take the time to mention I sell these kits in a variety of paper options for $10, which gives you accessories, enough papers for 2 two page layouts, with instructions and ideas for your layouts. Filled with nothing but Close To My Heart products.

Now put on that tank top and dig around in your crafting room!
the easiest way to convert your supplies in to these nice kits is to first have 13X13 bags, or holding space of those measurements to hold your kits till you put them out to work on them. Also you can get clear bags for your accessories in the adhesive isle and jewelry isle at Micheal's.

Next you want to pull out 4 peices of card stock for layout bases.
2 pieces of colored card stock

4 sheets of designed papers (B&T otherwise known as) ** sometimes i will cut 4 different designed 12X12 sheets down to 6"x12" and have two sheets the full 12"x12" to add variety to the kit.
add 1 6"x12 white  card stock for stamping.
Now all you need are some accessories and instructions.
for accessories: i will usually pick between flowers and die-cuts... pending on the paper and purpose i will pick between sparkles, opaques, and brads which sometimes i will add sparkles or opaques +the brads.
then buttons and string or ribbon.
These options are all based on what i have that matches the paper to add flare but not over saturate the layout in accessories since I like to stamp images for it as well.

Instructions: as making the layouts go fast I would encourage finding layout recipes you like to put on a piece of paper and stick it in this kit. For this you can check out the books from pre-designed layouts post, blog hop other scrapbookers, you tube, or find other books at Micheal's. The last thing you could do to find instructions is go to scrapbooking events, while I have not been to an event recently for Micheal's or jo ann's, know they hold events, and at my events I provide a packet with layout direction.

Pictures! This wouldn't be complete with out pictures. (I linked 2 examples, the pictures are kits I prepare for myself and for purchase.)
Micheal's kit example
Joann's kit example

This kit is made with wings paper, buttons, black ribbon, and flowers.

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