Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pre-designed Layouts

I was not a fan of these at first, since where is the creativity if you are just copying something!After I spent several hours making a layout from scratch, and then perhaps 30 mins on a layout where I was just copying detentions from a  book.(that is excluding stamping images for it. The accessories are what make it time consuming for me.) Then maybe 10 to 20 mins. making a digital layout, I decided maybe pre-made layouts aren't so bad.

There are ways to keep these layouts unique, which is important if you like variety in your scrapbooks. Here are three you can purchase that use Close To My Heart Products.
Magic Book

 Imagine book
Reflections Book

Going to any craft store you will find a variety of books on different crafts. You should be able to find several for scrap booking.

While just going from the instructions over and over can make your scrapbook feel boring. Altering how many pictures are on a layout, to turning a page 90 or 180 degrees can spice it up just enough that the layouts no longer all look the same. It is little things like this, while using your creativity that will allow even a pre-designed layout to be unique, but allow the process to be less time consuming.

Here are 2 layouts I have taken from the books above. Sticking to the general dementions, but primarily changing how journaling was done, or how many pictures or picture sizes were on the layouts.

For this layout I used "Card Trick" from the Magic Book.

For this layout I used The "conclusion combo" from The Imagine book.

More speedy scrap-booking for summer to come, including more on digital scrap-booking!

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