Friday, June 17, 2011


To recap some this month, I have been emphasizing on the importance of making scrapbooking faster and easier to make it so you have more time to make memories and use less time preserving them. With this I have touched on digital scrapbooking ( more to come on studio j), pre-designed layouts (there is nothing wrong with copying), stickers, and pre-packaged kits.

Today I would like to re-visit using pre-designed layouts. The beauty of these layouts is you just copy the messurments of the papers, glue, and then attach your pictures. Making it so there is minimal thought process on how to design a layout with your paper or where to put the pictures. While this is great sometimes, it doesn't always work. When it doesn't work, I have rotated the design 90degrees or altered the design some to suit my needs.
There are times however where the design fits perfectly with my pictures, but I have more pictures I want to add than there is place on the layout while keeping it pleasing to the eye. In situations such as this I use Flip Flaps.  Since typically I am scrapbooking 4"x6" prints the flip flaps work perfectly and can just be stacked over n over till I have enough on this page. Another thing I have done is made an envelope to go in place of where a picture was going to be on the layout, then just fill it with the extra pictures.
These techniques along with others can be found in the magic book, which is also a great source for layout designs.
While flip flaps don't necessarily make scrapbooking faster, they can make it easier and less stressful.

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