Saturday, June 11, 2011

Idea for Father's Day

There are always things that you could do to show dad how much you appreciate him. Sometimes gift giving at this time is hard, especially if you are dealing with a dad that is very happy and doesn't have a lot of wants.
Whether has a office desk at work or home this would be a great idea to put on it, so he can see the family he loves everyday!

I would like to point you to Jennette Lynton's Blog for this idea, as it is where it originated for me. Also while I will be putting up pictures for the steps to create this fun little project, sometimes it is better to reflect over other directions. The post on this on Jennette Lynton's page is from June 10th, 2011, as of today it is the latest post. However, if it is no longer the most recent when you go, just check her archives.

Take the My Acrylix blocks, and emboss on them. Then attach a picture cut to the size of the block. It makes a durable long lasting picture display!

So you may be asking how this is done, here you go!

Pick a My Acrylix Block that you would like to use, and make sure you have a picture that is of appropriate size or that can be cropped to fit the size of the block.

Next use cornstarch, wipe it over the block so it isn't covered in static. This makes the embossing powder not stick all over the block. Then blow off the starch.

Now you will decide where you would like to emboss on your block. Use Versamark  to stamp the images on your block.

If your image doesn't look right, or the powder doesn't properly cover your image, just wipe it off and try again!

You will use your heat gun as normal on the embossing powder. Let the block cool and embossing dry.
I used Krylon Preserve It! to "glue" my picture to the back of the block. While the spray is still drying you can rub your finger over the back of the image to get any air bubbles out.
Last I added a few opaques for accent.Quick, easy, and special in under 20 minutes. The longest part was actually finding a picture I wanted to use.
Below is the finished image Jennette Lynton did, which inspired me to try it out, and give my block as a gift for father's day.

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