Friday, June 10, 2011

Did you know?....Studio j

While I have talked about studio j in some detail previously I have never taken the time to show you what this program can do for you to make your scrapping experience better.So please take the time to read the info below, it will be benefits and disadvantages to digital scrap-booking in general and with Studio J. (why the disadvantages you ask. Easy... I want you to know what you are getting in to and what it can and can't do for you and your memories.)

  • No more waiting to do a layout because photos need printed.Being in the digital age, most people are using digital cameras and uploading their photos to their computer and a lot of times to social sites. So since the photos are already there you just upload to studio J and go.
  • It's quick! Studio J has many layouts pre-designed for you to pick from. The designs come from books the owner (Jennette Lynton) has published. Imagine, Reflections, and Magic. While these layouts are great, using them over and over would get dull. Which is why you can rotate the pages and alter how many pictures are on the layout. (more details on that later)
  • Variety.... There is a variety with studio j because you get control over your layout and how it looks. From how everything will be placed on the layout to the colors, and what accessories you are going to use.( you can distress your paper)
  • Being that the program is free you can actually use it to design layouts to make with traditional scrap-booking.
  • you can do it anywhere so long as you have your photos uploaded on studio j.
  • With digital layouts its easier to share these fun memories with loved ones that live far away.

  • Cost- These layouts are no more expensive than an average traditional layout, and a lot of times cheaper. The issue with cost is when  you go to buy them you have to have the money. Traditional layouts you can spend a couple bucks here and there to finish them. 
  • They are not dementional. They come to you like a 12x12 photo well protected from being bent. However, you can place accessories on it after you receive it.
  • Typos.. It is easy to write the wrong thing for a traditional layout and just get a new piece of paper. Doing that or miss spelling on a digital layout can be a waste of money.( While I have had this happen to me, I can say every digital scrap-booking program I have used has a spell check built in. It then comes to checking and double checking. Which studio J makes you approve the layout before you can purchase it. Again double checking is important.)
  • Digital scrap-booking can be addictive and cause all your traditional supplies to lay around and get dusty.

 While this is a great program that I could go on and on about I felt it appropriate to only hit the high points about it and remind you that it is always been looked at for ways to improve it. Also digital scrap-booking isn't for everyone, so since the program is free to use, I would encourage you to try it.
Also keep in mind I did not fill you in on all the cool things that you can get by purchasing through studio J. This was strictly looking at it as a digital scrap-booking program to make scrap-booking faster and easier over the summer.
Keep a look out for my next studio J post! 

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