Tuesday, May 10, 2011

myersty hostess

I have a mystery hostess gathering planed for the end of the month. This gathering is going to also work as a meet and greet for new customers to meet and get to know me a little. Since it is going to be in the format of a traditional gathering with an open house type of feel it will have a come and go as you can make it but will be shorter.
I am looking forward to it because since I am the technical hostess I am going to do a drawing for someone to win the hostess status of the gathering to get all the free/discounted goodies a hostess would get.
So specifically for the new customers I have made cards to send them that will have an invite placed in it. This allows them to reuse the card while also seeing some of my work. Then for returning customers they are also getting the hand made card invite, but for the purpose of appreciation that they still come to my events.
As you can geuss this is a lot of cards, and I can only do it for the people I have an address for, everyone else will be getting an ezinvite or an invite via facebook.

Here are some of the cards I have made thus far. They were really easy, as can be seeing if you have the Workshop on the go, it was what I used for some of the cards, and where I got ideas for others. 


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