Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making flowers pop

For today's flower I am showing you a card I made. In this card I used the sophia paper, sparkles, and the April stamp of the month.

There are several ways to make a flower "pop" off your paper. For today's flower, I cut around some of the petals and then wrapped those petals around a pen to give them a curled look. The flower came from one of the patterns off a B&T sheet of sophia paper.

After the petals were curled I applied glue to the back of the center of the flower, and to the petals that would lay flat on the card.
Then just put a sparkle in the center to accent the flower.

Another popping technique I used on this card that could be applied to your flowers is 3d foam tape. That was used on the bird to allow to stand off the card some.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring has Sprung Flowers

So I am sorry for those of you that have been looking for posts.

An update with me:
Not long after my last post I finished my session 1 class of psych, and started session 2 of this semester. That being said in session two I have more work because I have more classes. In a few weeks my class work load will be getting lighter, so I should be able to post more on here. Until then I will be putting up periodic tips and techniques with flowers so you can prepare many types of flowers for those spring cards and layouts.

Today's flower is one i have used to make a flower card and to make a big flower accent for layouts.

(this flower was put on the base of a round card. making it so the entire front was the flower.)

depending on the size you want any oval shape would work. I used a oval cutout from the disc in our Magic Book. 

I have varied on how many petals I make for the inner and outer part of the flower. For an average flower I have come up with: 6 outer petals and 5 inner petals. 

To get the curled effect after they were glued down, I wrapped each petal tightly around a pen. After it unraveled I was able to loose or tighten the curl by manipulating with my fingers.

For the core of the flower I used a large canvas button, stamped it, and then added accessories like sparkles as desired.

For this flower to be an accent: I use my circle punch to make a base for the petals to be glued to. This also allows the petals to be more tightly together. Also resulting in a slightly smaller flower.