Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kraft boarder flowers

Today is a technique I recently used for a swap card. I am finding that I am enjoying this flower more and more and depending which Kraft boarder I use will vary on how the flower turns out.

The first thing I do to make these flowers is I pick a boarder I wish to use. ( the ones with 1 edge rounded, and 1 edge flat work the best.) Then I use the rounded edges as a folding guide.

I fold where the rounded edges meet, going all the way down the boarder. (you can use just part of the boarder but you will have to start manipulating it while you fold to see how much you need.)

From here I find it easiest to lay it on a flat surface as I put the folded edges in the center of the flower.

Once you have it positioned the way you would like remove the back adhesive protector and put a glue dot on the non adhesive side of one end of to ad-hear the 2 ends together. This will keep the flower how you desire temporarily, attaching it to a layout or card will require liquid glass.( if you do not have liquid glass a glue gun will work just fine)

The finished product is on the card below. I used a glue dot to stick the button on top of the flower.

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