Thursday, February 10, 2011

Create your own designer Brads

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Now on with the technique for the day!

Create your own Designer Brads

Tools needed:

Liquid Glass
Sponge Dauber
Ink (Re-inker is more consistent, but an ink pad will work)
Brads (The Bigger Brads work better).


1) Using the sponge dauber, apply desired color to brad. The ink will bead up on the brad but just keep adding ink till you have a light consistent color of ink (partially beaded) over the top.

2) Next you will want to carefully spread liquid glass over the top of the brad

3) Make sure not to squeeze too hard or it will cover the brad too quickly. As the glass slowly pours on to the brad use the tip of the liquid glass container to swirl it around to make designs.

4) Finally, let it dry. To give it a more antique look, take your nail or a hard object and press against the dried liquid glass to give it a broken look.

This same type of technique can be used to apply fluff for fuzzy  brads, and glitter!
The new spray pen would be another great way to apply the ink color!

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