Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mix and mingle

Today's featured product is the mix n' mingle. This product is not only cute but you can make several types of things with it. With it being so versatile it is a great way to make an affordable personalized gift for someone. here are a few ways you can use the mix n' mingle to make some great items:

  • A wall hanging ( my new year's post has an example of this)
  • A display ( it can be placed in an accordian fashion on a table, mantle, desk, or bookshelf)
  • a mini album
  • or used as a flip flap in a layout ( or just as a general accent on a layout)

Below is a picture of a display I did with the mix n' mingle, using the new spray pen that comes with the Wings workshop on the go, the paper I used was the wings paper.

1 comment:

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