Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

It would figure that I would start my blog up right before a holiday weekend! So since that is the case I thought I would give you 2 entries today. One of art, and one of the interesting weekend I had.
It definitely did not go as I planned, but sitting here at the end of my weekend I would say that I have enjoyed it.
This weekend started with a husband that was delayed on his trip. Which meant he found more stuff that he wanted/needed for his trip. Which though I agreed with the stuff he wanted, I was saddened at the unexpected purchases.

Then the day after he left the house had all kinds of chaos. A klumzy kid (Ethan) gave himself a small black eye running in to stuff. Aiden was sick for the night. The heating coil went out in the dishwasher. Then at 3 a.m. the fire alarms attached to the security system went off 4 times. All very simple but nerve racking things at times. So today I was not going to let silly little stuff ruin what was left of a good weekend. The boys got two options, we would take a trip to the zoo and get a slushie, or we would take a trip to the beach. They chose the beach, which included lunch on the beach and a surprise snack on the way home. They were totally stoked!
Normally I take a ton of pictures everywhere we go, so obviously I can scrapbook them later. I found myself more enjoying my time with the boys than taking pictures. In part because we go to the beach fairly often, and I already have a lot of pictures from the beach. The tide was out which was great, and even made it so Ethan got a little closer to the water. however, that was mainly due to him chasing seagulls. The seagull chase!

How was your Labor Day Weekend?

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